The Future Of UK Energy Is Here

And it’s clean, green and driven by artificial intelligence and blockchain, says UrbanChain founder Somayeh Taheri

Five years ago we set out on a journey, a mission. Alleviate fuel poverty and fix a broken inefficient UK energy market model. Our answer came through the creation of a unique energy market just for renewables. Where participants could buy and sell green energy amongst themselves. We called it the peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange. It’s an artificial intelligence and blockchain platform – and the only one in the UK. It was a new form of energy provision where complexities were simplified. Private companies from multiple sectors, local authorities and housing associations all joined. And renewable energy generators too. Why?

Because corporate consumers could place an exact order for electricity and generators could meet it. The list of those joining UrbanChain’s alternative, safe and unique energy market continues to grow. Currently, there are circa 28 million households in the UK that use electricity. Following a groundbreaking deal with renewables supplier Rebel Energy, we are now together powering 3,000 domestic households across Britain. People living in the homes are now part of new local energy markets.

And they are receiving 100% local British renewable energy at a fair price. The beauty is that – just like our clients in the private and public sectors – they are receiving clean and green energy that is hyper-local and traceable. Thousands of homes are being powered up in a new way.