Meet… Steven Prusinski-Stills

Welcome to our meet the team content series where we find out more about the people – we like to call them ‘UrbanChainers’ – driving UrbanChain forward

Please tell us about your role at UrbanChain…

As the Operations Manager I’m responsible for running the retail supply side of the business and adapting that to fit the peer-to-peer model run by our tech wizards. My initial priorities are focused on optimising the customer’s experience with an innovative and exciting product on the energy market.

Tell us about you, where you grew up, education, previous work experience…

I’ve spent 13 years in commercial energy working for large and small suppliers in commercial, trade and operational functions.

What are your passions, interests and hobbies outside of work?

I do a lot of indoor bouldering and sport climbing and I run an illustration business in my spare time. You can find a few of my designs on the high-street in shops like Paperchase and Scribbler.

What are your strengths as a thinker and what are you best at?

Planning ahead. I enjoy setting a large target then breaking it down into small achievable chunks and mapping out the process towards the goal.

What’s it like working at a disruptive technology company?

It’s my first crack at it. It’s a pretty interesting perspective compared to my commercial experience. There’s a lot of drive and ambition all bolstered with a community spirit. Everyone is working to the same goal and you don’t get that unity of action in larger establishments.

What does company culture mean to you?

It’s always good to feel welcomed, valued and challenged. If a company can provide those then I’m happy to give 100% to the role.

Describe UrbanChain’s company culture…

It’s friendly, collaborative and intense at different points. It has a dynamic feel where sometimes everyone has their head down working on what they need to then sometimes we can all be having a laugh together or an ideas generation session. Sometimes these can flip within five minutes then flip right back. It gives the day a good rhythm.