Biogas Channel: ‘The energy market of the future is here’

In an interview with the Biogas Channel Dr. Somayeh Taheri explains the innumerable advantages to those who become part of UrbanChain’s Peer-to-Peer Exchange

The Biogas Channel has spoken to UrbanChain CEO Somayeh Taheri.

In the interview below Somayeh discusses the direct exchange between producers of renewable energy and consumers. 

The system developed by UrbanChain, the Peer-to-Peer Exchange, provides “innumerable” advantages for both. 

Consumers save up to 50% on their energy bills and producers generate greater profits over the medium to long term. 

As Biogas Channel says, biogas energy producers are among the producers of renewable energy in UrbanChain’s Peer-to-Peer Exchange. 

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